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As we get older or repeatedly injure ourselves our back, neck and joints stop healing themselves and start causing pain and loss of function. We use patients’ own stem cells and concentrated movement to help these areas to heal. This is safe and effective and allows our patient to have much less pain, more movement and a better life.


We offer cutting edge stemcell treatments using tissue harvested from fat and bone marrow. We also offer PrP and PrF which is harvested from blood. To find out more see our YouTube channel.

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Storgata 2, 4etg
Lillesand, 4790

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Phone: +47 372 750 60
WhatsApp: 91564800
Email: admin@phoenixhelse.no

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Our team is fluent in English, Norwegian, French and German. 

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Our goal is putting the patient first
Live the life the way you want
We Provide Safe and cutting edge technology
We treat every patient like they are our mother, father, brother or sister.


Storgata 2, 4etg, Lillesand, 4790

Phone and Email

Phone: +47 37 27 50 60
WhatsApp: 91564800
Email: admin@phoenixhelse.no


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